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AI Video analytics solutions for any industry

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Traffic analytics
Count bikes, motorcycles, vans, pedestrians, busses and many other traffic types. Our deployments demonstrate an accuracy higher than 95% during different weather conditions, day and night!
Hospitality for waiting rooms
Track the waiting time anonymously for clients in your waiting room. If the pre-defined threshold is exceeded, there is an opportunity to provide hospitality services. The reporting features could also be used to optimize the operation of your service.
Intrusion detection
Don't use conventional motion detection based video analytics or general AI models. With our highly accurate AI models you will never miss a critical event and don't get overwhelmed by false positive alarms.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) detection
Do you want to safeguard your employees and receive insights of the PPE adoption process? Use our PPE detection and reporting solution.
People count
In the online world there are plenty of options to visualize and optimize your customer journey. Wouldn't it be great to have similar capabilities in the offline world?
Realtime people count with optional alarm when a pre-defined threshold is exceeded.
Your scenario
Our Object Analytics platform can be used to create custom solutions for your needs.

By design, the platform is extensible and able to learn about new object types. Triggers, conditions and actions can be configured to implement your scenario.

About us

Vision Intelligence has been founded by Jeroen Quakernaat and Kees Schollaart in 2020. Jeroen is responsible for the strategic direction and commercial activities. He has 20 years of experience in the delivery of mission critical systems at scale for Enterprise customers. Kees is responsible for the technology direction and delivery. He has more than a decade of experience in building digital platforms for Enterprise customers. As a thought leader in modern software development practices, he has adviced a lot of software vendors how to build successful software with Microsoft technology.

The Computer Vision - and Internet of Things (IoT) technology domains have always excited us the last few years.

After our latest employment at Microsoft both Jeroen and Kees left the company to start a new journey.

With Vison Intelligence we want to enable AI Video Analytics solutions for everyone. We've solved complex technology challenges to make this happen.

How we work

The first step is to discuss your needs and envision how we can support you.

We also take note of your existing Video Mangement Solution and which type of cameras are already deployed. In this way we can add more value to your existing investments.

In a greenfield situation we can take the lead and deliver every required component by utilizing our partner network.

Technology Partners

Together we can achieve more, we work closely together with the companies listed below.


Our solutions are very well integrated in the Axis Application platform. We focus on the innovative software solutions we work with the Axis hardware vendors.


If you want, our platform can integrate with the Microsoft Azure IoT suite directly. Ingest events and telemetry data or configure our solution via a secure cloud backend.

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